Made for reliable design review

Use the best features to visualize and edit electronic details for reliable design review.

From design to production readiness

Developer helps you to bring your first design to production readiness! Ensure the functionality and safety of your PCB at all times.

Product Information

➔ Responsible for ensuring the functional safety of the PCB?

➔ Looking for a software that enables you to filter all relevant electronic information?

➔ Being part of a team, cross-departmental work is part of your daily routine?

Then, edition DEVELOPER is exactly the right choice for your particular needs. This version is mainly bought by electronic developers and circuit board designers. They appreciate DEVELOPER as a major help in their daily work, not least because of its easy handling.

DEVELOPER focuses on the best features to see and work on electronic details to carry out a reliable design review. After all: Your task is to guarantee the functionality and reliability of the printed circuit board! A concept that may appear good at first glance, may nevertheless contain small errors in detail. And you know best how quickly this can lead to severe problems.

That´s why: DEVELOPER will help you to bring your first design to production maturity!

So, if you choose DEVELOPER, you will get access to the best features and plugins to work on all electronic details of the PCB.  Since we know that it is part of your daily work routine to communicate with other departments and to permanently make arrangements, we will support you in this respect as well. DEVELOPER assists you also in change management and in analysing modifications. So, you always have an eye on the producibility of your PCB, no more details escape your attention – with ease!

DEVELOPER includes among others the following functions:

  • Net Group Manager
  • Net length, Capacity & Impedance Calculator
  • Automation Interface and Script Engine
  • Additional Import/Export formats (e.g. GenCad, IDF, IPC2581)
  • Bare Board Analysis (DRC)
  • Creepage Analysis
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Connector Analysis
  • Test Point Report
  • Design Compare

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