Thermal simulation

Tackle the thermal management of your design. Thanks to reliable results, you’ll avoid wasted time and unnecessary costs right from the start.

Simple operability, great benefits

Easily find thermal hotspots, critical trace resistances and excessive voltage drops – even before prototyping begins!

Product Information

➔ Looking for a tool for the thermal management of your PCB?

➔ You are, however, overwhelmed by the overloaded tools that can simulate almost everything?

➔ Your goal is to quickly deliver reliable results to avoid later thermal problems?

Then, edition PHYSICS is exactly the right choice for your specific needs. Particularly hardware engineers and electronic designers appreciate PHYSICS for its easy handling and its specialized applicability in their everyday work.

PHYSICS includes all functionalities of DEVELOPER and additionally offers the possibility of thermal simulation during the layout phase of circuit boards. As a result, you can tackle the thermal management of your design even in the design phase and work with reliable results to avoid delays and unnecessary costs. The primary focus remains on the simple handling to provide you, the customer, the highest possible benefit.

So, if you choose PHYSICS, we will equip you with the perfect tool to find thermal hotspots, critical track resistances and excessive voltage drops – even before prototyping begins! With its included editing functions, you can even optimize the layout and stack-up according to the simulation results to achieve the best possible physical behaviour with just a few clicks!

Save valuable time and prototype costs with PCB-Investigator PHYSICS!

PHYSICS contains among others the following functions:

  • Transient thermal simulation with operating states
  • Current density & voltage drop simulation
  • Automation interface and script engine
  • Additional import/export formats (e.g. GenCad, IDF, IPC2581)
  • Bare Board Analysis (DRC)
  • Creepage Analysis
  • Capacity & Impedance Calculator
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Connector Analysis

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