High resolution graphics for Automatic Optical Inspection

In printed circuit board manufacturing, Automatic Optical Inspection is an important step in finding and, if necessary, correcting errors in production.

For this purpose, PCB data are displayed as black and white images, scanned and compared with error-free CAD data.
The AOI plug-in generates high-resolution bitmap graphics with 1 bpp for this purpose. Various settings guarantee an output according to your wishes and thus an error analysis according to your requirements.

For example, select the layers to be analyzed and thus avoid unnecessarily long analyses. It is also possible to limit the analysis to a selected area of a layer.

For easy comparison, you can set the DPI value to match the dataset to the camera you are using and to the DPI value of the error-free data. Or change the background color according to your wishes.

Meanwhile, the export is not limited to a pure black and white color scheme and a specific pixel grid. With “Anti-Alias” you can use gray values for soft edges, displaying the graphic in 8 bpp. For higher performance, the plug-in uses multi-threading and ensures fast and detailed output of images with 10,000 DPI or more.